Our packaging and graphics experience includes creating package designs, instruction sheets and product labels.  Our body of work encompasses product and package designs for commercial products sold in major US retailers and non-store front sales.  For this work, our services included a combination of innovative product design and development, package design and development, instructions design and development and marketing strategy development.

We customize our graphics to meet the needs of the client by researching and understanding the end-user.  We have the ability to supply structure and printed mock ups, and sample and production quantities of printed material.  The following outlines our graphics capabilities:



  • Retail packaging structure design

  • Graphic designs for retail

  • Custom graphic and photography capabilities


Customization of instruction sheets to meet the individual specifications and needs or our customers

Unique instruction systems include cohesive product packaging, labeling and instructions

Wide range of capability: pharmaceutical devices, patient inserts, general consumer products

  • Produce relevant and highly functional instructional copy

  • Design highly functional instructional graphics and photography

  • Foreign language translated instructions


  • Instruction labels for product and packaging

  • Customized product label systems

  • Custom graphics and photography capabilities