Our work with consumer research projects ranges from large on-line confirmation surveys to one-on-one, in-depth consumer analysis.  Each product scenario requires a unique consumer response; Lindon Group works with the customer to determine the level of research necessary to achieve the marketing goals of the product.  Research includes:  on-line confirmation surveys, group interviews, friends-and-family response, one-on-one interviews, Use Hazard Analysis and Voice of the Consumer research.


Consumer Response:

  • Consumer response surveys and evaluation

  • Competitive landscape and matricies research

  •  Research analysis and recommendations


Product Research:

  • Generate screening guides for participants

  • Recruit research participants

  • Create research questionnaires

  • Conduct consumer focus groups

  • Conduct 1-on-1 interviews

  • Video and audio recording

  • Interview observation and notation

  • Data collection & Generate final reports

  • HIPAA Compliant


Use FMEA Study:

Complete Use FMEA evaluations (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis); Evaluations typically involve the user interface and/or design-use failure mode of products. Complete evaluations include:

  • Develop Research Plans

  • Execute user interviews with unbiased researchers

  • Analyze data and create scoring matrices

  • Facilitate FMEA scoring sessions

  • Generate final reports according to ISO standards

  • HIPAA Compliant




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